Friday, December 16, 2011

President Clint

I was going through some old boxes and I found a photo album that my mom made for me and gave me as a gift a few years ago. It's a bunch of pictures of me growing up and all of the pictures are of course adorable.

On the last page I found this letter that I wrote on February 22, 1991 when I was seven years old. It reads as follows:

President Clint

If I were President to help the United States of America, I would get people to stop littering and to help people I would try my best to keep off drugs(!) because they might die and I love them. So I would try to keep people off drugs and to help the world I would just help, help and help just like I've said. That's what it's like being President.

Submitted for the approval of the midnight society,

Adult Clint

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Gerald L. Updyke said...

Wonderful! You must be so proud of Young Clint.