Tuesday, February 01, 2011

count on it

the bar is a beautiful place
as a couple walks in
drunk and stammering
demanding a drink on a
monday night.
the barkeep says, “no”
and the woman becomes angry.
“my father will have this place
closed down!” she says
as the rats scurry from crumb to
stupid crumb.
one of the patrons, a
stands tall and says something like,
“they have every right to deny
you service,” and unsurprisingly
this makes her even angrier.
she screams and wails
like the animal she is as her man
sits at the bar and covers his face.
ultimately she is thrown out
after a few blows and more
ridiculous theater.
her man walks out behind her
as she is dragged screaming from the bar
and all I can think is
“Christ, my tax return is going
to be nothing this year.”
the world rages on and
we are like ants in a pile
of dirt
somewhere in the hell
of forgotten

count on it.

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