Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cardinals III/IV

Hey everyone. I know you're all anxiously awaiting my next essay bitching about religion but I'm afraid that will have to wait. I want to be a total dork and show you pictures of the new Ryan Adams vinyl I received this week. So, please...make yourself a PB&J. Have a glass of milk and come jam with me on a virtual tour of this amazing record.

I know this looks glorious in and of itself. But what you cannot see are all of the goodies cleverly hidden in these blessed cardboard sleeves. Let's take a look.

The inside gate fold has a classic picture of the Cards in their 2006 badassedness. I love that Catherine has her iPod close. I wonder what she was listening to. Over on the left are all of the details about who played what instruments on individual songs. A lot of surprises over there.

To the left is III and below is IV. One of the coolest things about the vinyl experience with Ryan Adams is all of the interesting colors he chooses.These are beautiful deep red and blue with really interesting black swirls throughout. So. Friggen. Rad.

This record also comes with a HUGE badass poster. To the left is the twin buildings and to the right is an amazing lyric sheet with all sorts of interesting and humorous anecdotes, studio notes, lyrics, and draft track lists. Apparently an early form of the record included Easy Tiger's "Oh My God, Whatever, Etc." complete with "Don Henley synth." Wow.

Both sleeves come with this fold out which has some great pictures on one side and all of the lyrics cleanly typed on the other. This layout is really cool. Very classic looking.

Everything laid out. The record also came with two digital download cards. One contained mp3's of the record and another contained 12 really interesting and amazing demos. I mean, come on. This shit is generous. Look at that spread!

And, because I am a dork, here is the whole family. Still missing Heartbreaker, Gold and Love Is Hell (that one is impossible to get).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


isbelle said...

You are a huge nerd and I dig it and love you.

I found a Love is Hell vinyl in the UK for the low price of £140. Once I'm bored with rolling around in all the excess money I have, I will purchase this for you.

travis said...

I just recently sold my copy of Love is Hell because I realized the $150 I got for it was worth more to me than the record. I used to be such a record collector nerd and would never have done this, but now.....