Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Updates From Clintland

Greetings faithful readers (aka, my mom). My blog has been fairly inactive for a few months now and I see that many of you still visit daily. It has been a sweet season of relaxation and thought collecting. A lot has happened and a lot is happening so I'll just give you some brief bullet statement updates.

1. I leave tomorrow night for a tiny little music festival called South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas. I'm playing two shows with the ever amazing Griffin House (whose record I played guitars on comes out May 28th) and one show with Matthew Perryman Jones who is a new but sweet friend with lovely, lovely music. If any of you faithful readers live in the Austin area do come out and say hello and see for yourself that I am not a morally devoid, bloodthirsty atheist baby killer.

2. I'll be updating specifics about those shows (clubs and times) on my Twitter page which you can subscribe to by simply clicking on the link. If you're wondering what my twitter feed is like, just imagine all of my blog posts in 140 characters. Follow at your own risk!

3. I recently debated a student at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC on the topic "Is Christianity True?" This dude is an apologist in training and was well prepared for most of my self-educated arguments. The debate took part over the course of several weeks through e-mail. I'll be posting that debate shortly. The kind gentleman who debated me was so generous and engaging. A great encouragement for coexistence and rational dialogue. Stay tuned.

4. The new Red Mountain Music record is nearly done. Just take my word for it: This record totally whoops ass. A few nice surprises. And lot's of sexy, moody ambient goodness. This will likely be our last record of hymns as Red Mountain. We're all moving to new cities (NYC and Nashville) and investing in new stories. Who knows what will happen in the future but for now it feels very satisfying to leave you all with what we consider to be our best work.

5. A fully disclosed play-by-play of my departure from Red Mountain Church is in the works. Trying to find a way to do this tastefully. Standby.

6. My dear friend and room mate, Brad Lyons, and I are making this Flannery O'Connor project. You can download a free demo from that project below. This is one of the most exciting musical ideas I have ever worked on and I cannot wait to share more of it with the world (again, aka my mom).

7. I'm nearly a year into atheism and not only has God not struck me dead with lightning but I'm actually healthier and more wholistically content that I have ever been. So, um....hooray!

8. Life is beautiful and so are you. Remember that as your day unfolds and if you happen to forget just give me a shout. I'm happy to remind you.

Peace, love, donuts and pizza to you all,

Clint Wells


The Cooley Family said...

next time you're in nashville keep this in mind. A great "gastro pub" with a supposedly amazing beer selection is opening across the street from my house and we have a guest room!

Clint Wells said...

Cason! Can't wait to come up and hang with you. I hear your studio is sexy.