Wednesday, February 03, 2010

My Last Batch Of Hymns

This is a collection of songs from my last (and perhaps final) batch of hymns. I'll upload another group at some point but these are the ones I'm most proud of. With the exception of a few that will be on the upcoming Red Mountain record*, these songs will likely stay petrified in demo world for a while. All of these songs are registered with CCLI and for those of you who would like to incorporate them somehow I would be happy to send you a chord sheet. Although they are simple demos, I hope you will find them restful to your ears. Click the links to download. Enjoy.

Why So Heavy, O My Soul?*
I still listen to this one a lot and find it oddly compelling. It's one of my favorites from the new Red Mountain record. Karl Digerness and Ashley Spurling sing it together and it is beautiful.

My Song Is Love Unknown
My dear friend Melanie sent me this text (she always sends me lovely hymns and poems) one morning and I so I wrote this song for her. The night of writing it I went to Brian's and we did a live demo of it that I think is really special. His piano solo is incredible.

All Things New*
This is probably the best hymn I have ever written which means it is probably the best hymn I will ever write. The album version is completely different. In an awesome way.

Be Near To Me
This is the last hymn I wrote. I think it's fairly appropriate.

Spread Thy Wings*
I didn't think this one was that great until Brian heard it and loved it. Funny how that works sometimes.

In Wisdom Thou Hast Made Us
This is as close as I'll ever come to writing anything as good as Christopher Miner.

Come, Sinner
I don't know why I recorded this demo with a tremolo electric guitar but I think it's pretty rad and I like the song a lot.

Let God Arise (Psalm 68)
I wrote this one a million years ago in a black hole somewhere near the Andromeda Galaxy.

Were You There?
This is an old spiritual that needed a dark reinterpretation.


Hunter said...

Thanks, Clint. :) Listening now.

Brian T. Murphy said...

what a gift, these songs are to me.

haven't heard some of them in a while.

so thankful I've been able to be apart of your music.

Emily said...

Wonderful!!! Thanks so much, Clint.

Kevin Twit said...

thanks Clint!

cardiphonia said...

thanks bro.

Nan said...

Beautiful. I just heard All Things New on my husband's laptop and had to look you up. I've been writing some hymns lately too.

cal said...

I will greatly miss this part of your voice, thank you for allowing me to be present. I care deeply for you my friend. - cal

timmer k. said...

Clint, this song is incredible. Would you be willing to send a chord chart my way? I would be very appreciative!

Email to

Thank you so much!!

MdMrMat said...

Clint, Loving All Things New, and the Trem on Come Sinner Come. Can you share the lead sheets/words for this batch.


Clint Wells said...

Thanks everyone.

Nan - I'd love to hear your hymns.

MdMrMat - I've actually gotten a lot of requests for chord sheets. I'll make them soon and post them.